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Strategy & Planning

Most businesses tend to jump straight into marketing their products or services without having a Marketing Strategy. Everyone gets excited about making business cards, creating a brochure or sending a press release. However, without a strategy, you often find your efforts working against you.


Whether your goals is to simply be found online or grow your business to the next level, we become your companion and take a Four-legged view of your business. We gather information to analyze your business and goals from all viewpoints, and devise the right marketing strategy for you and your budget.


A Four-legged marketing strategy is a complete plan that takes the four main aspects of business growth into consideration.

Brown Dog Marketing Agency


The first step in setting up your Strategic Marketing plan is to study your business. We will analyze your current and past efforts along with audits of your content. You will learn about your competitors and what they are doing, and also learn about your customer and who they are. We will help you to identify and define your goals to come up with the best Individualized Strategic Marketing plan for your company.


We work with you to determine the best approach to our recommended strategic plan. We know your time and budget play a part in deciding what can and will work for you. We want what's best for your company with a realistic approach to accomplish your most desired goals.


Once we determine the approach for your new strategic plan, we set up a detailed schedule to implement the new marketing plan for your business. We work with your schedule and commitment level to accomplish your desired results.


When your strategic marketing plan is in place, we want you to know the results. We take great pride in providing you with analytical data, measured results and completed steps along the way to your goals. Not only do we measure the progress but we make the changes necessary to keep moving forward. Marketing is a very fluid concept. Not every plan will work for every company every time. We customize and adapt your strategic plan in anyway necessary to stay on track and achieve your goals.